Lens Ring Joint Gasket

Lens Ring Joint Gasket

> Lens ring joint used in higher pressure than 3,000 lbs. > These gaskets had been used on pipe flanges in synthesizing line.

Model:KXT 840

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Product Description

Style KXT 840 Lens Ring Joint Gasket

Lens Ring Gasket,also known as washer with ball face, is mainly used for the high pressure pipe connections. The primary function

of lens ring gasket is to seal. Metal lens gaskets includes metal flat gasket, triangular gasket, double cone ring, C-ring and C type

gasket,ring gasket, serrated gasket, wave gasket and hollow o-ring, etc...


It is wide to use the lens ring gaskets to seal in the high pressure pipe connections. Seal faces of lens ring gaskets are ball surface, in

contact with conical sealing surface of the pipe, the initial state is in a loop. By the action of the preload force, lens ring gasket has a

plastic deformation at the contact point and the loop is into a belt loop, which has the better sealing performance. The contact face is

naturally formed by spherical surface and beveled surface, so the gasket is easy for alignment. Lens ring gasket is the forced seal



Main Style




1.Lens ring gasketis applicable for the pipe seal that the pressure isn't lower than 10MPa.

2.Lens ring gasket is of line seal, large expansion and contraction, large compensation and easy compact.

3.Due to contact with flange cone face, easy to have the pressing mark. The interchangeability of part is poor.

4.Lens ring gasket is also pressure energized, as well as the double-cone gasket.

5.The hardness oflens ring gasketmust be15~20HB lower than the mating flange face hardness.


Performance Parameters

Coefficient of gasket


gasket using pressure


gasket using temperature

-196oC - 1000oC

minimum pre-tightening pressure

y=126.6 - 182.8MPa









Soft Iron, Low C/S, ss410, ss304, ss316, ss347, F5, F11, Copper, Aluminum,Inconel 600, Inconel 625, Incoloy 800, Incoloy 825,

Monel 400, Titanium, Nikel 200, Hastelloy C276, Zirconium702



The gaskets are primarily used in the oil, gas, petrochemical and offshore industries. They are also commonly used on valves,

pipe-work assemblies and vessel joints and are used to seal flanged connections subject to high pressures and temperatures.


Technical Standards

It can provide any standard and non-standard sizes, including the standards of API 6A, ASME B16.20, DIN 2693-67, JPI-7S-23-72,

DIN-2696-1999 and other standards.

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