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70 Shore A Durometer NBR Rubber Sheet
  • 70 Shore A Durometer NBR Rubber Sheet70 Shore A Durometer NBR Rubber Sheet

70 Shore A Durometer NBR Rubber Sheet

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Product Description

70 Shore A Durometer NBR Rubber Sheet - N1502

Black 70 shore A durometer NBR rubber sheet is designed for pads, seals and general gasket applications where animal organic or industrial oils are present. NBR Nitrile rubber sheet has very good resistance to all synthetic and natural grease products and it is recommended for use in areas where petroleum products are present. Nitrile (AKA Buna or Buna-N) has excellent abrasion resistant qualities. Hence, 70 shore A durometer NBR rubber sheet is used in industrial oil and gas production facilities, commercial food processing plants and automotive related applications.

Advantages and Applications of NBR Rubber Sheets

70 shore A durometer NBR rubber sheet has a smooth finish and it is manufactured for use as bumpers, pads, sealing and general gasket applications, this is commercial grade material, not recommended for severe ozone-resistant applications. Black elastomer is a non-marking material that will not leave any marks or stains on the objects it comes into contact. 70 Shore A durometer nitrile NBR rubber sheet is a medium durometer means that the nitrile material is flexible. 70 shore A durometer NBR rubber sheet can operate in temperatures between -20°F and 180°F and Nitrile rubber sheet offers excellent resistance to some oils and chemicals.

How is Nitrile Rubber Produced and Its Properties.

Nitrile rubber is created by mixing butadiene and acrylonitrile into a single ingredient using a substance impulse procedure. More specifically, “In producing NBR, acrylonitrile and butadiene are emulsified in water and then polymerized (their one-undefinedmodel molecules related into huge, numerous-undefinedmodel molecules) through the action of totally free-undefinedmajor initiators…With raising acrylonitrile articles, the rubber reveals greater energy, increased resistance to puffiness by hydrocarbon skin oils, minimizing permeability to gases (britannica.com). The resulting butadiene rubber materials is not only chemical and essential oil resistant, but also capabilities excellent tear and abrasion opposition. In comparison to normal rubber, Buna-N rubber is more powerful and more durable while still remaining flexible enough to be used as facilitates.

Physical Properties

As pointed out above, nitrile rubber can be a copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile. Normally, nitrile rubber linens are more robust and a lot more durable than organic rubber variants and may be enhanced by modifying the level of acrylonitrile combined in through the creation approach. As an example, “Increasing acrylonitrile articles results in better solidity, strength, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, and oil/undefinedenergy level of resistance and very low temperature flexibility” (matweb.com). In spite of this, nonetheless, nitrile page can be broken by “ozone, chlorinated solvents, ketones, aldehydes, esters, and nitrogen-containing chemicals.” Additionally it is resistant against extreme high and low temperature ranges as very hot as 248℉ so when chilly as -22℉. Therefore, nitrile is more of an essential oil resistant rubber that is certainly generally employed for this kind of reasons and will make a beneficial addition to places with severe conditions.

Chemical Properties

Gas will not be the only real danger that nbr nitrile rubber guards from. Together with oil fats, a nitrile sheet also displays boosted levels of safety in opposition to other chemical substances. It provides exceptional compatibility with chemical substances for example ammonia, methyl alcoholic beverages, copper salts, soaps, mercury, potassium salts, and zinc sulfate but, as i have said in actual components, may be destroyed by specific chemicals. These caustic agents can be very dangerous to present non-nitrile objects. As opposed, they generally do minimal damage when paired close to Buna-N rubber. Take into account that Buna-N Nitrile NBR rubber is made in a range of merchandise and the concentration of the chemical substance has to be regarded as when matching with the appropriate nitrile rubber sheet.

Data sheet for 70 Shore A Durometer NBR Rubber Sheet

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