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Graphite Die Formed Moulded Rings
  • Graphite Die Formed Moulded RingsGraphite Die Formed Moulded Rings

Graphite Die Formed Moulded Rings

As the professional manufacturers, Kaxite would like to provide you Graphite Die Formed Moulded Rings. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. Flexible graphite die-formed rings are valve stem packing rings manufactured from high purity flexible graphite foil with a corrosion inhibitor but without any binders

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Product Description

Graphite Die Formed Moulded Rings - LPK 500

Graphite die formed moulded rings can be produced to precise density and size, and supplied square section, chamfered, split, matched halves and in sets with wipers. They can also be supplied with metal reinforcement wire or with metal end caps for high pressure requirements. These graphite die formed moulded rings are made from high purity expanded graphite foil tape with an oxidation inhibitor, they do not contain binders, elastomers or fillers and they have outstanding chemical resistance and are unaffected by the majority of the chemical media within the industry.

We machine the tools and have the capability to press up to 24". Our skin wrapping facilities ensure that our graphite gaskets and rings are packaged securely ready for transit.

Prime features

Graphite die formed moulded rings can greatly reduce the torque needed for efficient valve action, save on power consumption and enables smaller actuators to be used. It lowers the break-out friction for smoother valve operation, retains exceptionally low friction characteristics for up to 20,000 valve cycles, and it is subsequent manual adjustment extends performance to 60,000 cycles, fire-safe capability enables rings to be used in plant subjected to fire rating tests.

Typical applications

Graphite die formed moulded rings is used for valves that handle dry gases and other fluids, where friction on standard graphite seals is unacceptably high, valves that suffer judder, hesitation or erratic action due to carbon pick-up or high-spot friction on the spindle.

Data Sheet

Temperature - Ash Content 1 - 2%
Min Temp - 240 °C Sulphur Content ≤ 300 ppm
Max Temp 500 °C
Fluoride Content ≤ 25 ppm
Density 1.4 - 1.8 g/cm3 Chloride Content
≤ 25 ppm
Graphite Purity ≥ 98% Ph Value 0 - 14
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