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Green HNBR O-rings for Gasoline
  • Green HNBR O-rings for GasolineGreen HNBR O-rings for Gasoline

Green HNBR O-rings for Gasoline

Large quantity of Green HNBR O-rings for Gasoline in green and black color in stocks, and have 5000+ different sizes

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Product Description

Style HN400 - Green HNBR O-rings for Gasoline

Green HNBR O-rings for Gasoline are produced from hydrogenated nitrile specially engineered intended for outstanding temperature as well as chemical resistance in comparison with conventional NBR materials. Green HNBR O-rings for Gasoline also have superior abrasion, wear, and compression set resistance, leading them to be a fantastic option for a variety of essential programs. Hydrogenated Nitrile was initially specifically produced for improved temperatures resistance and also much better compatibility with new automobile fuels. Additionally, hydrogenated nitrile presents much better strength with little degradation at increased temps. Particular specifications and chemical resistances vary by compound formulation. Allow us to become the perfect first-choice HNBR o-ring vendor

Extremely Saturated Nitrile (HNBR) – HNBR is known for its physical strength as well as retention of its properties after long-term exposure to head, oil and chemicals.

The Green HNBR O-rings for Gasoline color can be in Green, Black and other color.

Application and Industries of HNBR O-rings

Green HNBR O-rings for Gasoline has got excellent resistance to most commonly encountered automotive fluids like engine oil, coolant as well as fuel, together with quite a few commercial chemical compounds. HNBR has been widely used in motor vehicle, industrial and some performance-demanding purposes because of its exceptional properties and bigger temp rating.

HNBR Rubber Benefits

HNBR rubber components fulfill the gap between Nitrile (NBR) as well as Viton (FKM) simply because of its great resistance to motor oil, ATF, oxidized fuels and also lubricating oils when high temp conditions need higher tensile strength.

The vehicle market is the largest client of HNBR. The use it for many dynamic and static seals, hoses and belts.

For over 20 years, we has served the increasing as well as changing demands of industry. Our professional crew can suggest and provider the right product for your program.

At Ningbo Kaxite Seals, our commitment to the highest standard of customer service will help you solve your sealing challenges.

Other HNBR Rubber Compounds

HNBR Compound Hardness Shore A Rubber Color Temp range oC Elongation at break % Tensile Strength Mpa
HN 400 70 Green -40 to 155 360 11.35
HN 401 70 Black -35 to 155 220 13
HN 402 80 Black -40 to 155 310 15
HN 403 60 Green -40 to 155 370 10.2

More HNBR compounds pls contact us.

HNBR Chemical Performance

Rubber Materials Excellent good Quite Good Very Bad
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons

Automatic transmission fluid

Automotive refrigerants

Brake fluids non-petroleum

Chlorinated hydrocarbons

Dilute Acids

Hydraulic Fluids HFA, HFC, HFB

Polar solvents (Keytones)

Salt solutions

Silicone oils

Strong acids

Vegetable animal fats / oils

Water Steam up to 300 ºF

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