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Guillotine Braided Packing Ring Cutter
  • Guillotine Braided Packing Ring CutterGuillotine Braided Packing Ring Cutter

Guillotine Braided Packing Ring Cutter

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Product Description

Guillotine Braided Packing Ring Cutter - GB108

The GB108 guillotine braided packing ring cutter is mainly composed of a cutting tool and a cutting tool holder. And it is used to cut braided packing ring in 15° or 45° angle, braided packing size from 3 mm to 28 mm, shaft size up to 4'' (100 mm).
Guillotine Braided Packing Ring Cutter

Performance characteristics

1. This guillotine braided packing ring cutter is made of special alloy, which can easily cut various braided packing materials such as aramid fiber and copper wire.
2. Unique structure design, clear scale ruler can accurately cut the packing and reduce cutting error.
3. The unique fixture design can avoid the loosening of the cutting edge of the packing. calculations on site.
4. Scientific size conversion design, no need much time to exchange sizes.
5. Easy to carry, economical and practical.

Cutting Process

(1) Install the cutting tool on the cutting tool holder and fix it with screws.
(2) Select the packing to be used and determine the required cutting size.
(3) Perform straight cut 15° or 45° oblique cut.

The scale on the sliding ruler is used to measure the length of the packing, that is, the diameter of the shaft or the diameter of the packing ring. Make sure that the packing cannot be rotated at will when performing a 45° bevel cut. In the case of straight cutting, different cutting points need to be rotated 180° each time, no matter what kind of cutting, it should be operated carefully.


1. At first, you may not be accustomed to the strength of the handle when using a new guillotine braided packing ring cutter. At this time, you only need to add more force to the rear end of the blade.
2. Due to the wide variety of cutting packing and different properties, the adjustment of the scale will be slightly deviated. Therefore, before processing large quantities of packing, it is recommended to cut one carefully and verify that it is correct before proceeding. When you set the cutter to a packing of a certain size and model, you can check irregularly during operation to ensure that the front and back errors are not large.

China Guillotine Braided Packing Ring Cutter

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