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In what situations do insulated flanges need to be used


Usually, there are some hazardous factors in pipeline connections, including leakage, galvanic corrosion, and static electricity. These are the signs that led to the accident. Therefore, ordinary flange connections are not sufficient. It is necessary to use insulated flanges with insulation characteristics, which are used in the environment where everyone shares insulated flanges.

The use of insulated flanges can be divided into three situations: galvanic corrosion: the contact of different metals will accelerate metal corrosion, resulting in poor stability, which is called galvanic corrosion. Galvanic corrosion occurs between metal flanges made of different materials. Galvanic corrosion can be eliminated by using appropriate insulation flange kits. Secondly, cathodic protection: In order to ensure the effectiveness of cathodic protection for stainless steel pipelines, pipelines must be divided into manageable lengths. The sealing and insulation of stainless steel flanges can be ensured by using insulated flange kits. Third, electrostatic isolation: when using Pipeline transport to transport flammable and explosive media, if they meet the explosion conditions, they will be ignited due to static electricity, cathodic protection system or eddy current. The use of insulated flange kits can reduce or eliminate this potential danger.

It can be seen that insulated flanges are widely used in special situations, which can effectively solve unstable factors in specific environments and avoid various accidents. In addition, insulated flange gaskets are also very practical because they are made of different materials and are widely used for industrial pipeline connections.
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