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Rubber-steel Gasket

All kinds of Rubber-steel Gasket you can get have from us Such as NBR, EPDM, Viton FKM Rubber-steel Gasket.

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Product Description

Rubber-steel Gasket - G-ST10

Rubber-steel flange gasket is needed for the protect sealing of flange connectors in most areas of pipeline construction. The usage of rubber-steel gasket is extremely recommended for applications where asecure sealing with low surface pressure is expected.

The rubber-steel flange gaskets use a steel insert vulcanized into an elastomeric material. In the course of vulcanization, extreme adhesion is achieved between the steel core and the rubber coating. Sometimes below the highest possible stresses, this makes it extremely hard to shift, detach or blow out.

The rubber-steel metal gaskets have a wide range of utilizes based on the rubber elastomer involved and are compatible with water, steam, gas, air, acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons, among other things, with running temperature of up to approx. 200 °C being achievable. Rubber-steel gaskets are used as industrial gaskets. This depends on the various rubber materials and other requirements, such as the application in the drinking water, gas, food.

Rubber Type Inserted with Steel

NBR, EPDM, HNBR, Natural Rubber, Neoprene, FKM Viton and so on

Steel Insert

Standard: Carbon Steel
Optional: Stainless Steel


• Blow-out basic safety and also greatest steadiness on account of centrally situated, corrosion-protected and vulcanized steel inlay
• Leakage safeguard for flanges with tough surface types, destroyed flange gasket
• High durability compensates pressure changes and variations in temperature
• Low loss rates on account of homogeneous design of elastomeric materials
• Tightness possibly at low surface pressure (even at low tightening torques)
• Resistant as a result of a wide array of rubber elastomers to choose from
• The best possible coping with when the installation of the gasket
• surfaces, as well as enamelled and rubberized flange faces
• Good adaptability to the sealing surface areas

Applications of Rubber-steel Gaskets

• Typical pipeline design, plant construction
• Plastic material pipelines and equipment manufacturing
• Industry: enamelled and rubberized pipelines
• water, gas, sewage, oil and chemicals
• Mining

All kinds of Rubber-steel Metal Gaskets

(1) G-ST-10 it is a very common classic rubber-steel gasket for various applications
(2) G-ST-PS-11 type it is a rubber-steel gasket used for various applications, top choice for joints connecting non-metallic (plastics or GRP) and steel flanges

(3) G-ST-PK-12 it is rubber-steel gasket used for plastic pressure pipelines made of PE and PP with plastic stub and loose flange. Flange dimensions similar to DIN 2501 PN10

(4) G-ST-P/KN-13 it is used for various applications, top choice for partially coated flanges and extreme operating conditions

(5) G-ST-P/OE-14 it is a customized rubber-steel gasket dimensions with a visible stainless steel insert.

(6) WG-01 it is a Simple, secure and cost-effective installation due to its stability, compared to non-reinforced rubber gaskets

(7) WG-02 it is a rubber-steel gasket which is Leak-proof even at the lowest tightening torques, making this rubber-steel gasket profile particularly suitable for plastic flange connections where there no high forces can be exerted.

(8) WS-01 is easy to replace the rubber sealing rings, meaning the rubber-steel gasket can be reused again and again.
(9) WL-01 is easy and safe installation, reduces the risk of installation errors caused by applying too high or uneven bolt tightening torque (the most common reason for the fail-ure of a rubber-steel gasket) simple replacement of the rubber sealing ring, making it reusable
(10) WL-01H has all the features of the rubber-steel gasket Profile WG-04 and is easy to replace the rubber sealing rings and graphite layers, meaning the rubber-steel gasket can be reused again and again

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