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Product Description

What are Silicone O-rings?

Silicone o-rings are excellent seal materials for high temperatures in static environments. Typically, silicone o-rings show outstanding flex and fatigue life, strong ozone and UV radiation resistance, and physiologically neutral and insulating properties. Silicone o-rings can be synthesized with a wide variety of properties and compositions, allowing for great flexibility in performance.

Why Choose Our Silicone O-rings?

For more than 20 years, we have been offering custom and standard silicone o-rings and other sealing solutions for multiple industries. With millions of silicone o-rings produced and shipped annually, we are the experts your organization needs to seal the success of your application.

Silicone Rubber O-ring

Applications of Silicone O-rings

Silicone o-rings are excellent seal materials for static, high temperature applications. Featuring outstanding flex and fatigue life, ozone and UV radiation resistance, physiologically neutral and insulating properties, silicone o-rings are effective in a wide range of applications. You can find the silicone o-ring for anything you need from us which are perfect for you.

Mechanical Properties

Silicone o-rings have poor wear resistance, excellent compression set resistance, poor short-term resilience and excellent permeation resistance.

How a Silicone O-Ring Works?

Silicone O-ring seals are capable of sealing at relatively high pressures because they are compressed or activated when pressurized – as the pressure is applied to the silicone o-ring it deforms in the gland or groove. As a silicone o-ring deforms between two flat and smooth surfaces, it presses into the gland walls and seal joint. The compression energizes the seal and creates a mechanical barrier blocking fluids from passing through; this restrained condition allows a silicone o-ring to seal at higher pressures than many flat face gaskets.

Physical Properties

Silicone compound Hardness shore A Rubber Color Temp rang (°C) Tensile strength (mpa) Elongation at break (%)
VM004 40 Red -60 to 205 4.9 420
VM005 50 Orange -70 to 205 5.15 255
VM006 60 Translucent -55 to 200 5.2 240
VM065 65 Orange -55 to 150 7.2 290
VM007 70 Clear -54 to 205 7.5 280
VMQ007 70 White -60 to 225 6.8 275

Other physical properties, color and hardness shore A can be made as your requests

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