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Virgin PTFE Gaskets

This is a text about the advantages, disadvantages, temperature range and application of virgin PTFE gaskets, you will also know why we need use virgin PTFE gasket as a seal.

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Product Description

Virgin PTFE Gaskets - Kaxite 2100

For longer than 20 years, our gaskets production organization has produced unique PTFE gaskets that meet up with consumer specifications for effectiveness, dependability, and cost. All of our virgin PTFE gasket are cut from 100% PTFE Teflon gaskets sheet with all range of dimension sizes, thickness from 0.5 mm to 100mm all is available. Virgin PTFE gaskets are chemically inert as well as water-resistant, but tend to deform under use. For improved resistance to creep and cold flow, we recommend Gore GR gaskets instead. Gore GR sheet gasketing is an expanded PTFE for industrial applications.

We can produce plus supply PTFE Teflon gaskets from 100% virgin PTFE in excellent cost, or suggest compounds that contain PTFE and various fillers for increased resistance to strong acids or caustics. In addition, we can source expanded PTFE Teflon gasket material that is much easier to compress and conforms to tough surface areas.

Temperature Range Of Virgin PTFE Gaskets

The functioning temperatures of Virgin PTFE gaskets ranges from -200⁰C to +260⁰C. It is the most commonly known non-stick material by using a coefficient friction comparable to wet ice on wet ice. Most of the people commonly utilise PTFE through a commonly seen trademark: Teflon, which is a PTFE coating for non-stick household items.

Why Should You Use PTFE As A Gasket Seal?

Virgin PTFE Gaskets are chemical resistant. Pure virgin PTFE gaskets can be used in the most corrosive of environments and will not contaminate the most sensitive medium. PTFE is utterly insoluble and possesses high intrinsic purity and can be made with no pollution for ultra-pure or corrosive purposes.

Virgin PTFE Gaskets are completely resistant to attack by all chemicals excluding molten alkali alloys and also a few fluorine elements at raised temps and pressures. It is unaffected by lubricants, hydraulic fluids, plane or rocket gasoline as well as atmospheric problems.

Which are the Disadvantages of Virgin PTFE Gaskets?

While virgin PTFE gaskets are a fantastic selection for numerous programs, it can have a very several disadvantages to be considered: It includes almost no plastic ability to remember and is subject to creep, which can be worthwhile when utilized for a seal, nonetheless to limit this effect a version of PTFE with fillers should be used. virgin PTFE gaskets is referred to as gentle and can harm or distort when being clamped. It is going to not be described as being hard or having a high tensile strength.

Applications of Virgin PTFE Gaskets

Virgin PTFE Gaskets are commonly used in pipework and flanges where chemicals are present, PTFE gaskets have an extremely low coefficient of friction and good resistance to moisture and corrosion. The anti-stick properties of the material mean PTFE is commonly found in applications with parts that have linear or rotary movements.

Can PTFE Gasket be Used in Food Applications?

Because we all are aware of PTFE is Teflon® lining for cooking equipment which is popular globally. It comfirms to FDA standard.

PTFE VS Teflon®

PTFE is sometimes referred to as Teflon® (DuPont), Teflon® is the Trademark of PTFE.

PTFE and PTFE Fillers.

The fillers of ptfe increase creep resistance, hardness, chemical resistance, and compliance requirements for specific industries. PTFE can have fillers added blending with base PTFE resin to enhance specific properties.

Glass fibre is often added in different percentages and different fibre lengths, generally glass fibre increases wear resistance with less deformation under load, creating a harder material with lower thermal expansion.

Carbon Fibre filled PTFE – normally at a ratio of 5% to 25 carbon fiber filled in PTFE, it has better resistance to pressure under load as it is a harder material, used in strong alkali and hydrochloric acid which is where glass fibre can fail.

Graphite filled PTFE – Excellent in high speed contact applications where it offers little wear, including when wearing against soft metals.

Bronze filled PTFE – excellent creep resistance and high thermal conductivity.

Glass Moly-filled PTFE – makes a very stiff, rigid material, chemically unreactive and further reduces friction.

Polymide PTFE – good friction against soft metals.

Stainless Steel Filled PTFE – stiff, hard PTFE material.

Data Sheet

Properties Test Methods Typical Value Test Unit
Density ISO 12086 2.2 g/cm3
Hardness Shore D DIN 53 505 56 Sh.D
Tensile Strength Across Grain ASTM F152 15 Mpa
Elongation at break DIN 53455 310 %
Dielectric strength DIN 53481 65 KV/mm
Working temperature - -260 to 260 °C
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