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Asbestos Free Gasket with Carbon Fiber
  • Asbestos Free Gasket with Carbon FiberAsbestos Free Gasket with Carbon Fiber

Asbestos Free Gasket with Carbon Fiber

Compressed Asbestos Free Gasket with Carbon Fiber can be reinforced with stainless steel such as SS304, SS316 or carbon steel

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Product Description

Compressed Asbestos Free Gasket with Carbon Fiber - Style NA40

Compressed asbestos free fiber gasket with carbon fiber material is an universal jointing sheet with high temperature and pressure resistance, manufactured from graphite and carbon fibre, then bonded with Nitrile rubber or SBR rubber. It is manufactured by means of a hot calender process and recommended for gasket use, especially steam applications. Other suggested uses include for gases, hydrocarbons, ethers, ammonia, mild acids, seawater, alkalies, ethers, or alcohol environments.

Technical data:

• Peak temperature: + 450 °C
• Continuous temperature: +270 °C
• Peak pressure: 130 bar
• Constant working pressure: 70 bar
• Color: Black

Why Asbestos free Fibers Gaskets Happen to be Introduced?

Asbestos fiber gaskets have been employed in the market for several years. The raising problems about side effects due to asbestos has led to suppliers looking for options. Within the manufacturing method, asbestos is a concern only for anyone who may be found in immediate experience of the asbestos fibers on a regular basis. As soon as the asbestos fiber fabric are placed in the gasket then it is safe for use the gasket.

If exposed, the asbestos fiber materials get shred into lean thread-like fibers that could be accidentally inhaled mainly from the workers dealing with asbestos fibers directly. After some time, the thin fibers could get gathered inside their lung area and cause medical issues that will get as significant as many forms of cancer. The asbestos fiber hazard is recognized by regulatory government bodies as well. Honest gasket suppliers, as a result, launched asbestos free fibers gaskets to the security of workers during generation.

Difference Between Asbestos fibers and Asbestos free fibers Gaskets

Asbestos fiber fabric are strong and can hold up against substantial conditions. These fabric are lean and very long. Non-asbestos fiber gasket companies employ materials including graphite, PTFE and so forth. to be used as reinforcing fibers in gaskets. These fibers have properties like temperature amount of resistance, chemical opposition, temp amount of resistance and so forth. The properties of those fibres be sure that the overall performance of the gaskets is not affected by discontinuing using asbestos.

The asbestos fiber gaskets are created from silicate fibres even though the asbestos free fiber gaskets are made making use of co2-dependent or natural and organic resources. Asbestos fibers gaskets are comparatively less than asbestos free gaskets. Gasket manufacturers are consistently utilizing distinct supplies to provide their clientele innovative and highly-successful asbestos free fibers gaskets which can be easily custom-made as essential.

Compressed asbestos free fiber gasket bedding are created employing natural and organic fibres, aramid fibers, NBR and mineral fibres. These can be used as app where normal water or essential oil level of resistance is required. Normally, compressed asbestos free gasket linens are employed in low-pressure apparatus, transformers, and compressors. Also, they are found in control device addresses and pots and pans in internal combustion engines where easily deformable factors exist.

Today, gasket producers offer compressed asbestos free gasket bedding that may have specific attributes of asbestos fiber or are greater features than asbestos fibers gaskets. Since carbon dioxide or natural and organic resources are the bottom of asbestos free fiber gaskets, they may be far better to use than asbestos gaskets

Data Sheet

Properties ASTM Test Typical Value Test Unite
Density ASTM F1315 1.82 g/cm3
Tensil strength across gain ASTM F152 ≥ 9 Mpa
Compressibility rate ASTM F36 12 %
Recovery ASTM F36 ≥ 50 %
Sealability ASTM F37 at 6.8 mpa 0.0010 cm³
Creep Relaxation ASTM F38 22 %
Thickness Increase After 5 Hour Fuel Oil ASTM IRM 903 @150°C 9 %
Weight Increase After 5 Hour Fuel Oil B ASTM Fuel B @150°C 10 %
Working Temperature
400 ≤
Pliability Bend sample 180 degree No crack
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