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Graphite Packing with SS 304 Metal Wire Reinforced
  • Graphite Packing with SS 304 Metal Wire ReinforcedGraphite Packing with SS 304 Metal Wire Reinforced

Graphite Packing with SS 304 Metal Wire Reinforced

The content is mainly about what is Graphite Packing with SS 304 Metal Wire Reinforced, its application. And how to choose the best quality packing, why we need use ss 304 or ss 316 Reinforced.

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Product Description

Flexible Graphite Packing with SS 304 Wires - Style 3000IC

Flexible Graphite Packing with SS 304 metal wire Reinforced is definitely cross braided of absolutely pure expanded graphite yarns reinforced with good ss 304 steel wires. It really is perfect for a very wide range of applications thus it can lessen stock ranges significantly. Superb alternative option to higher heat range and pressure asbestos fiber valve packing. An easy task to install, because it is very flexible.

This kind of compression braided gland packing mixes the main advantages of an ordinary graphite packing with the sealing efficacy of preformed pure graphite rings, it possesses high pressure and extrusion level of resistance, exceptional thermal conductivity. Flexible Graphite Packing with SS 304 Wire is suited to a wide heat range range from -200 °C up to +650 °C in steam and non-oxidizing gas, as well as as much as +450 °C in oxidizing mass media, stresses nearly 300 bar can be sealed under perfect mechanised situations at decrease temps.

The other type of metal wire mesh Reinforced is Style 3001IC - Graphite Packing with SS 316 Metal Wire Reinforced


All steam as well as other valves in power stations, refineries, the petrochemical industry, metal mills and also many others. Such as Steam, water, fuel, gases, condensate, oils, effluents, process water and chemical solutions in all processes, besides with highly oxidizing media.

Date Sheet:

Pressure Limit
Min Temp - 250 °C Static 301 bar
Max Temp 450 °C
Rotating 32 bar

650 °C  in steam
102 bar
Shaft Speed 23m/s Ph 0 - 14

How to Recognize the Quality of Flexible Graphite Packing with ss 304 Wire is Good or Not

The first option for differentiating the quality of Flexible Graphite Packing with SS 304 Wire must be to check out the graphite surface structure. The larger the flake, the far better quality the material and the refractive effect is superb under flat conditions. The lower quality graphite packing with SS 304 wire presents itself powdered shape as well as the surface lustre very dim. And the internal metallic wire is generally 304, Nickel wire, as they feature better resilience. And for carbon metal has poorer suppleness. It can also be recognized based on the number of inside stainless steel wires or some other strengthening fibers. As the graphite packing with more ss 304 wire or other stainless steel wires, the much better quality it has got.

If compression flexible graphite packing with carbon dioxide metal, when the packing run at above 400℃ for any long time, the inside carbon metallic cable will get rid of its sturdiness, that will seriously cut down the packing utilizing time. Graphite packing with SS 304 or nickel wire can be used in temperatures close to 650℃. But in addition observe that when the operating temperatures too much, the graphite packing rust rate will increase as well as the toughness will lessen, bringing about leakage. Therefore if the equipment is in an oxidizing environment or an acid-base conditions, the temperature should really be reduce than the applicable temperature.

Ningbo Kaxite Packing series possesses excellent flexibility, great wear resistance as well as lubricity, corrosion resistance, temperatures resistance, pressure resistance and also other characteristics. With regard to specific technical specs, please get in touch.
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