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Pure Silver Gasket Washer
  • Pure Silver Gasket WasherPure Silver Gasket Washer

Pure Silver Gasket Washer

92.5%, 99.99% Pure Silver Gasket Washer is our quality products which sold to all over the world. Any your need please contact us

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Product Description

Pure Silver Gasket Washer - SN S120

Ningbo Kaxite is the leading manufacturer and supplier of all types of pure silver gasket washer and other silver parts. And the pure silver gasket washer we make can be used for the chemical industry,special plant engineering, caustic soda tank, chemical seal, nuclear reaction seal and vacuum seal. The 99.99% pure silver gaskets can be custom made or made according to drawings, it is suitable for using the place where is high temperature, high pressure and it has good wear resistance.

And silver o-ring gasket aslo can be produced according to customers' need.

Manufactured and delivered according to your specific requirements made of silver in 2 grades
- Fine silver (99.99%)
- Normal silver (92.5%)

What Is Pure Silver And Its Types, Usage

Pure silver is metallic silver with a content close to 100%. Silver is chemically inactive, but due to the special affinity between silver and sulfur, it can slowly generate silver sulfide in the air and make it black, making the silver impure. And in nature, silver is easy to mix with platinum and other metals, so the "pure silver" in life generally refers to 99.99% silver or 925 sterling silver with 92.5% content.

The hardness of silver is 2.7. In order to improve its hardness and obtain the best molding effect, it is necessary to add 7.5% copper to the silver when making jewelry. This alloy containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper is called standard silver internationally. Also known as Sterling Silver in the UK. In addition, there are 99% pure silver jewelry on the market.

Pure silver is a beautiful silver-white metal. It has good ductility, and its electrical conductivity and heat transfer are the highest among all metals. For example, if the conductivity of mercury is set to 1, the conductivity of copper is 57, and the conductivity of silver is 59, taking the first place. Therefore, silver is often used to make highly sensitive physical instrument components, various automation devices, rockets, submarines, computers, nuclear devices, and communication systems. A large number of contact points in all these devices are made of silver. During use, each contact point has to work millions of times, must be wear-resistant and reliable, and able to withstand strict working requirements. Silver can fully meet various requirements. If rare earth elements are added to silver, the performance will be even better. The life of the contact points made of silver with this rare-earth element can be extended several times.

China Pure Silver gasket washer

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