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Silver Gasket

99.99% Pure silver gasket made from us Ningbo Sunshine. Any shapes or sizes you can get from us

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Product Description

Silver Gasket - SN S120

Silver gasket is resistant to high temperature, high pressure, corrosion and abrasion and it is suitable for caustic soda tank, chemical seal, nuclear energy reaction seal, vacuum seal, etc. And you can choose different silver gaskets according to customer requirements. Gaskets, silver seals, gasket tolerance: Outer diameter: +/-0.1mm. Inner diameter: +/-0.1 mm. Thickness: +/-0.1mm

Silver gasket is made of pure silver which is metallic silver with a content close to 100%. Silver is chemically inactive, but due to the special affinity between silver and sulfur, it can slowly generate silver sulfide in the air and make it black, making the silver impure. And in nature, silver is easy to mix with platinum and other metals, so the pure silver in life generally refers to 99.99% silver or 925 sterling silver with 92.5% content.


• 92.5% Silver alloys gasket have a higher hardness and firmness than fine 99.99% pure silver
• high electrical and thermal conductivity
• Good resistant to oxide formation
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