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Spiral Wound Gasket with Inner Ring Manufacturer
  • Spiral Wound Gasket with Inner Ring ManufacturerSpiral Wound Gasket with Inner Ring Manufacturer

Spiral Wound Gasket with Inner Ring Manufacturer

You are welcomed to come to our factory to buy the latest selling, low price, and high-quality Spiral Wound Gasket with Inner Ring Manufacturer, Kaxite looks forward to cooperating with you. We now have large stocks and shares of raw supplies for making Spiral Wound Gasket with Inner Ring, and by using advanced gasket generating machine, competent workers, therefore it is feasible for us to offer you top quality gaskets with short period of time.

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Product Description

Spiral Wound Gasket with Inner Ring Manufacturer- Style SN 500 - RIR

Type RIR spiral wound gasket with inner ring is built to protect against deposition of solids, decrease turbulent flow of operation bodily fluids and minimize deterioration of flange facial looks. The inner ring provides a favorable stop protecting against the gasket from over compression and probable damages. Style RIR spiral wound gasket with inner ring is made to 3.2 mm thickness. The gasket features a solid metallic inner ring nominally 2.3 mm thick, as an built-in part of its style and design. Particular styles can be bought in different thickness. Solid inner metal ring acts as a compression stop and fills the annular room between flange bore and the inside diameter.

This type gasket is suitable for male and female pipe flanges.

By Far The Most 4 Popular Forms of Spiral Wound Gaskets

CG Style (Spiral Wound Gasket with outer Centering ring) – Probably the most traditionally used plus widely accessible settings of spiral wound gaskets. CG Design gaskets possess a trustworthy steel engagement ring over the outer size known as the centering guideline (CG). This guide makes it possible for the installation technician to more accurately heart the gasket in the flange encounter while giving sturdiness around the outer band. CG type gaskets are widely-used in combination with both smooth and increased-encounter flanges in a wide variety of applications.

CGI Style (Spiral Wound Gasket with Inner and Outside Centering ring) – Just like the CG Fashion known as over, CGI gaskets have an outer band, moreover they offer an internal diamond ring safeguarding the interior size of the gasket against temperature, corrosion as well as blow-outs so that it is best in vacuum courses. CGI Type gaskets can be utilized with both smooth and elevated-experience flanges.

R Type (Spiral Wound Gasket without inner or outer ring) – The standard set-up of spiral injury gaskets, the R-Design consists of only stainless winding and the filler components. The interior and outside diameter are typically strengthened by a few layers of your winding materials minus the filler. The interior part of the R-type gasket is comprised of winding and filler materials. This trend is normally combined with tongue and groove, level-faced to grooved, and masculine to girl flange connections. They are also regularly utilized in valve bonnets and water pump casings.

RIR Type (Spiral Wound Gasket with Inner ring) – Is similar to the R-Type gasket within its straightforward design but carries with it an internal liner diamond ring that works as a assist. The inner diamond ring creates a stress stop and fills the void involving the inside size of your gasket along with the flange bore. This decreases the deposition of solids and reduces turbulence of essential fluids. RIR Design gaskets are widely-applied to male as well as girl flange connectors.

How to Order Spiral Wound Gasket with Inner Ring

• Size

• Pressure Class rating 
• Winding Material
• Filler Material for gasket
• Inner Ring Material 
• Are MTR's required?

Spiral wound gasket marking

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