Virgin PTFE Skived Sheet
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Virgin PTFE Skived Sheet

Virgin PTFE Skived Sheet films are made from the highest quality PTFE resins. And they offer great electrical properties, which is additionally engineered to meet the requirements of demanding mechanical and chemical needs.

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Product Description

Virgin PTFE Skived Sheet - Style KXT 2100

Virgin PTFE Skived Sheets are manufactured from virgin PTFE resins which can be molded into billets, then this billets sintered and skived in range of regular dimensions and also thickness. The two PTFE Skived sheets and film are generally traditionally used in a number of industries because of the material's fantastic properties, as well as heat and chemical resistance, dielectric strength. Virgin PTFE Skived Sheet and film works extremely well in the high Materials market, as It delivers great thermal, chemical, and solvent resistance, higher dielectric and anti-stick properties, and very very low coefficient of friction. Low thermal conductivity is retained despite temperature variance, making PTFE a very good insulator. Excellent light and also weather resistant, as it can keep on being stable despite long time direct exposure. Both PTFE Skived sheets and film could also be chemically etched on one or both sides for sticky connecting.

Our Virgin PTFE Skived Sheet and films are available in continual rolls or cut to your desired length. We provide standard or customized widths to help you lessen scrap as well as waste materials. The Virgin PTFE Skived Sheet we stock the thickness from 0.2 mm to 6 mm and the width from 300 mm to 2000 mm. Fillers such as fiberglass, silica filler, graphite, bronze, Mos2 and others can be added to make Filled PTFE Skived Sheet width up to 1000 mm, 1200mm and 1500mm.

The type of Filled Virgin PTFE Skived Sheets we can make:

Style Kaxite 2200 - PTFE Gasket with Silica Filler
Style Kaxite 2202 - PTFE Gasket with Glass filler
Style Kaxite 2204 - PTFE Gasket with Glass Aluminosilicate Microspheres
Style Kaxite 2210 - PTFE Gasket with Barium Sulfate Filler
Style Kaxite 2230 - PTFE Gasket with Graphite Filler
Style Kaxite 2240 - PTFE Gasket Sheet with Bronze Powder


• Increased thermal conductivity with the introduction of carbon or coke fillers
• Improved creep resistance and compressive strength
• Provides a low friction, corrosion resistant surfaces
• Can be etched for bonding
• Excellent wear properties
• Improved Weld ability
• High surface finishes

Physical Properties For PTFE

Test Methods
Typical Value
Test Unit  
Density ISO 12086
2.25 g/cm3
Hardness Shore D DIN 53 505 55 Sh.D
Tensile Strength
DIN 53 455
15 N/mm2
Elongation at break 23°C DIN 53 455
300 %
Tensile Modulus 23°C
DIN 53457 650 N/mm2
Coefficient of thermal expansion  20 - 150°C 12 1/K.10^-5
Coefficient of thermal expansion 
150 - 260°C
16 1/K.10^-5
Thermal conductivity 23°C DIN 52 612 0.23 W/K.m
Dielectric strength
DIN 53 481 65 KV/mm
Working temperature - -200 to 260 °C
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