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10% Ekonol Filled PTFE Tube
  • 10% Ekonol Filled PTFE Tube10% Ekonol Filled PTFE Tube

10% Ekonol Filled PTFE Tube

10%, 15%, 20%, 25% Ekonol filled PTFE tube can be supplied and made by us with Special excellent wear resistance. FDA approved grades available which can be used for food industry.

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Product Description

Style 9005 - POB Filled PTFE Tube

10% Ekonol filled PTFE tube is 10% Ekonol polyester powder blended with 90% PTFE. Polyphenylester is so identified as POB or Ekonol material, is a thermally steady aromatic polyester. When blended with PTFE, it generates a composite material along with exceptional large temp as well as wear amount of resistance. Ekonol polyester will not likely wear mating stainless steel surfaces, rendering it beneficial to rotary purposes. Ekonol filled PTFE materials are also beneficial to food program, primarily suited to applications with very soft stainless steel products such as light weight aluminum. These features help to make Ekonol polyester an excellent filler for PTFE compounds to enhance working life of bearings, seals, rotors and linked components.

As opposed to glass fillers could be abrasive, Ekonol filled PTFE compound materials do not wear very soft steel surface areas. Moreover, Ekonol and PTFE blends avoid self-wear a lot better than other PTFE compositions, together with very good lubricity on molded parts. As well as based on several proportion of Ekonol filled in PFFE, you will discover three other key different types of POB Ekonol filled PTFE

Style 9006 - 15% Ekonol Filled PTFE
Style 9007 - 20% Ekonol Filled PTFE
Style 9008 - 25% Ekonol Filled PTFE


POB Ekonol filled PTFE composite tube material displays superb wear resistance in normal water, and also is mainly designed to create high-temperature and oil-free lubricated bearings, bearing padding, sliders, piston rings, gaskets, and sealing packings, especially in Bearings that run in water and water vapor; can be used for high-temperature valves, cock, guide rail, pump sealing materials, thrust rings, valve seats, bridge sliders, and electrical insulation parts for heat generating parts.

Data Sheet

Test Methods
Typical Value
Test Unit  
Specific Gravity ASTM D792
2.04 g/cm3
Hardness shore D ISO 868 58 shore D
Tensile strength
ASTM D4745
22 mpa
Elongation at break ASTM D4745
270 %
Operating temp - -200 to 260 °C
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