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60% Bronze filled PTFE tube
  • 60% Bronze filled PTFE tube60% Bronze filled PTFE tube

60% Bronze filled PTFE tube

ISO 9001:2015 certificated 60% Bronze Filled PTFE Tube for machining seals with good quality. We can satisfy any your need for Filled PTFE Products.

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Product Description

Style BF60 - PTFE and 60% Bronze Tube

60% Bronze Filled PTFE Tube is usually a filled compound that contains 40% virgin PTFE with 60% bronze powder. The bronze added in PTFE assist to greatly enhance a great deal more mechanical attributes, dimensional stability and also thermal conductivity compared to standard levels of PTFE. The bronze filled PTFE delivers a wide working temp and very low cold creep, nonetheless has the weakest resistance to chemicals when compared with any other PTFE grades readily available a result of the bronze filler. It is composed of 40% Virgin PTFE and 60% bronze powder, that will help to generate a material that provides resistance to wear under big compressive loads as well as dissipate static and heat while in application.

Key Features of 60% Bronze Filled PTFE

• It has enhanced mechanical properties and dimensional stability.
• Very good resistance to low and high temperatures.
• Inferior chemical resistance to other types of PTFE 
• Excellent sliding and non-stick properties.
• Offers fantastic thermal conductivity.
• Temperature: -200°C up to +260°C.
• Helps to dissipate static build up 
• Very low coefficient of friction.

60% Bronze filled PTFE tube data sheet

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