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Polyimide Filled PTFE Teflon Tube
  • Polyimide Filled PTFE Teflon TubePolyimide Filled PTFE Teflon Tube

Polyimide Filled PTFE Teflon Tube

5%, 10%, 15% and 20% polyimide filled PTFE Teflon tube is the main types of PI filled PTFE compound. The material can be made into self-lubricating parts used for seals, and FDA approved.

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Product Description

PI Filled PTFE Tube

Style 9001 polyimide filled PTFE teflon tube is made from PTFE using a modification of 10%, 15% or 20% Polyimide. Its own properties contain diminished creep under load and excellent sliding as well as friction attributes. The material is ideally fitted to applications involving gentle mating products.

Polyimide means a class of manufactured polymers, also referred to as PI briefly. Putting polyimide makes a PTFE compound that is definitely lessen in friction than those previously described. It is actually non-abrasive, which makes it your best option for applications including much softer mating surface types like stainlesss steel, aluminium, or other plastic materials. Polyimide filled PTFE tube therefore matches dried up functioning and stop-start applications particularly effectively. Nonetheless, polyimide powder matertial is the costly of the PTFE fillers.

Being the amongst China main maker and distributor of filled PTFE compounds, polyimide filled PTFE compound we are able to create in tube, rod, sheet styles. As well as compared with normal PTFE compounds, the working temp can be as much as 312°C.

Polyimide in PTFE Compounds Tube Improves the Properties.

The most important character of Polyimide filled PTFE tube is excellent wear resistance at elevated temperature, higher elongation, and also no abrasion of the sliding partner — all without making use of lubrication. So it is a really good self-Lubricating material.

Polyimide as an active filler in PTFE increases the mechanical character of the PTFE. Blending 5% to 20% polyimide powder with PTFE makes the PTFE compound has better wear resistant that increase the performance especially at higher stresses, velocities and temps. Polyimide filled PTFE compounds are especially great running against very soft mating surface areas.

Teflon® is a authorized brand of E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company

Application of Polyimide Filled PTFE Teflon Tube

The polyimide filled PTFE teflon tube can be machined be all kinds of parts and seal used for many applications, such as piston rings in pumps, lip seals, bearings, compressors for dry gases, spring-reinforced dynamic seals, rider and piston rings in compressor. Other applications usage please contac us.

Data Sheet of Polyimide Filled PTFE Teflon Tube

Properties Test Methods Typical Value Test Unit
Specific Gravity ASTM D792 2.05 g/cm3/>
Hardness shore D ASTM D2240 66 shore D
Tensile strength ASTM D4745 19.2 mpa
Elongation at break 23°C ASTM D4745 240 %
Operating temp - -269 to 312 °C

The Way to Solve the Problems of PTFE - Lack of Wear Resistant Ability, and Creep.

Method 1:Ekonol Filled PTFE

Polyphenylester usually called POB or Ekonol, which has high mechanical rigidity in a wide temperature range. It has high compression creep resistance, easy machining, high load-bearing capacity and good self-lubricity. POB has high thermal stability, thermal conductivity in plastics, good electrical insulation and excellent chemical resistance. Ekonol can be blended with PTFE in any ratio such as 10%, 15%. Ekonel filled PTFE retains a series of characteristics of ptfe and pob Ekonol such as heat resistance, lubrication, insulation, solvent resistance, etc. The characteristics can be complemented in performance, which overcomes the lack of wear resistance and poor thermal conductivity of PTFE and the brittleness of polyphenylester.

Method 2: Polyimide Filled PTFE

Polyimide plastic is the most resistant to high temperature and most wear-resistant plastic in the current plastics, the product size is more stable, and the creep resistance is good. It can be blended and molded with PTFE in the corresponding ratio, the product has a longer service life, and has good self-lubricating performance. It is mainly used for air seals.

The difference between Ekonel (POB) and Polyimide

POB Ekonol is much cheaper than polyimide. The process of blending POB and PTFE is simple, and the process requirements of blending polyimide and PTFE are more sophisticated. For products with low requirements, POB and PTFE modified products can be used, but for air seals, only polyimide and PTFE modified products can be used. Polyimide plastic and PTFE products surpass POB and PTFE products in terms of performance.
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