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Basic Kammprofile Serrated Gasket
  • Basic Kammprofile Serrated GasketBasic Kammprofile Serrated Gasket

Basic Kammprofile Serrated Gasket

Below content is telling about the application, bolt torque, m and Y factors of basic kammprofile serrated gasket. The steel core materials can be in different grade can meet your any need.

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Product Description

Style Kam 320 - Kammprofile Serrated Gasket without Outer Ring

Basic kammprofile serrated gasket is the gasket without outside ring, that offers a effective and safe seal under the most exacting conditions for both common pipework as well as expert programs. It provides great versatility and also recovery characteristics, permitting seal credibility under stress as well as temperature imbalances, temperatures differential throughout the flange face, flange rotation, bolt stress relaxing and creep.

Basic kammprofile serrated gasket is made up of serrated strong stainless steel core by using a soft, conformable securing material bonded to each face. The gentle facing materials presents very low pressure gasket seats, while serrated geometry of the steel core enhances sealing performance by inducing stress concentrations on the sealing surface types. The serrations reduce lateral action of the facing materials, while steel core supplies solidity and blowout strength.

Basic kammprofile serrated gasket is selected to use in confined locations, such as female and male, tongue as well as groove as well as recessed flange plans. And also regular serrated metal core thickness is 2mm, 3mm and 4mm, whilst gentle gasket facings usually are 0.5 mm thick, though these specification sizes are usually adjusted to meet up with particular desires.

Features and Benefits

• Little thickness of securing layers provides little fugitive emission
• Very low seating stress results in little destruction of flange
• Firm Construction brings about very easy to mount
• Permit irregular bolt torquing or installment errors
• Available in a variety of resources
• Can not be over compressed
• Large seal reliability
• Infinite shelf life

kammprofile Gasket M and Y factor

Kammprofile serrated gasket factor "m"= 4.0
Gasket Factor "y" = 1,000 PSI

Basic Kammprofile Serrated Gasket materials

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