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Kammprofile Gasket with Loose Outer Ring
  • Kammprofile Gasket with Loose Outer RingKammprofile Gasket with Loose Outer Ring

Kammprofile Gasket with Loose Outer Ring

As the professional manufacturers, Kaxite would like to provide you Kammprofile Gasket with Loose Outer Ring. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. Kammprofile gasket dimensions asme B16.2, and its application, advantages. And the materials usually is ss 304, ss 316, monel 400, inconel 600, inconel 625. And the gasket metal core thickness can be 2mm, 3mm and 4 mm.

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Product Description

Style Kam 321 - Kammprofile Gasket with Loose Outer Ring

We have been a top provider of top quality kammprofile gasket with loose outer ring, the gasket includes a grooved steel core serrated on both sides as well as covered with a soft filler that is definitely bonded to each and every sealing face, and this form kammprofile gasket was developed with a loose matching outer guide ring. Flexible graphite and expanded PTFE sealing layers are generally most usual, yet other soft materials can be used properly. Though offering the Kammprofile gasket with loose outer ring with fantastic sealing properties, the actual very soft sealing layers also fill in slight flange imperfections and safeguard the flange areas from destruction. The kammprofile gaskets are ideal for both conventional water pipe and also heat exchanger programs.
Kammprofile Gasket with Loose Outer Ring

According to the different constructions, Kammprofile gasket (Also known as Camprofile gasket) is usually offered in 3 styles as below:

Style Kam 320- Basic Kammprofile Gasket (Without outer ring)
Style Kam 321- Kammprofile Gasket with Loose Outer Ring (The outer ring is floating)
Style Kam 322- Kammprofile Gasket with Integral Outer Ring (The outer ring is fixed)


kammprofile gasket with loose outer ring is the recommended choice for programs requiring advanced efficiency at small seating stresses. The particular serrated steel pieces supply lowered contact area and when combined with soft conformable sealing layers, thus it can provide a virtual metal to metal relationship. The gasket attribute excellent potential to deal with blowout and supply outstanding stability for simple handling and installation.


• The Kammprofile gasket features remarkable sealing properties at a extensive range of seating levels of stress and it can aid compensate for large swings in temperature and pressure.
• The Kammprofile gasket owns very forgiving of irregular bolt torqueing or assembly error and it is applied to almost all kinds of flanges whatever bolt load readily available.
• The gasket cores are reusable consequently it is effective in reducing charge and reduce gasket fingertips troubles.
• Gives severe temperatures and chemical amount of resistance because of the range of materials offered.
• Very low seating pressures needed and help to lower flange damage and gasket extraction issues.
• The working thickness of sealing layers is extremely little and cut down fugitive emissions.
• It is still easily sealed when performing at very high pressure.

Kammprofile Gasket Core Materials

Core Materials

Max Temp. (°C)

Core Materials

Max Temp. (°C)

Core Thickness

SS 304


Inconel 625

450 2mm, 3mm, 4mm

SS 316L


Incoloy 825


Monel 400


Hastelloy B-2

Nickel 200 600 Hastelloy C 276 450

Inconel 600



Total Thickness
3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm

Kammpfofile Gasket Layer Materials

Layer Material

Min Temp. (°C)

Max Temp. (°C)

Gas Tightness


Flexible Graphite


600 Excellent Aggressive Media







Non-asbestos -100 250




Kammprofile Gasket M and Y Factors

Gasket Factor “m” = 4.0
Gasket Factor “y” = 1,000 PSI (NOTE: When designing flanges, we recommends using a "y" of 4,000 PSI to ensure the flange design is thick enough to avoid excessive deformation when assembled and heated.)
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