Blue FVMQ Seal Gasket
  • Blue FVMQ Seal GasketBlue FVMQ Seal Gasket

Blue FVMQ Seal Gasket

Blue FVMQ seal gasket is an excellent choice for the application of gasoline Injectors, fuel pumping systems and gas tank seals.

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Product Description

What is Blue FVMQ Seal Gasket?

Blue FVMQ seal gasket is made of high quality fluorosilicone compound, the color is blue, and Fluorosilicone is the material resulting from the compounding of fluoroelastomer (FKM) and silicone. Blue FVMQ seal gasket has great compression set and performance in high and low temperatures, Blue FVMQ seal gasket is becoming more widely accepted for general purpose use. Nonetheless, Blue FVMQ seal gaskets are most commonly utilized in aerospace applications, especially with high regard to its resistance to jet fuel. Blue FVMQ seal gaskets have low abrasion resistance and are preferred for use in static environments.

Fluorosilicone (FVMQ) is like side chains of silicone rubber, bonding trifluoropropyl, methyl and vinyl. The mechanical and physical properties are similar to VMQ. However, FVMQ offers improved fuel and mineral oil resistance, but less hot air resistance than standard VMQ.

Benefits of Blue FVMQ Seal Gasket

Blue FVMQ seal gasket is low temperature sealing of fuel oils and aproved materials for aerospace and military and defence. It is good for benzene and toluene.

Typical FVMQ Seal Gasket Applications

Blue FVMQ seal gasket is used in diesel turbocharger and charge air cool hoses, exhaust hangers, wire and cable insulation. Perfect for tank linings, protective boots for electrical equipment, and in plasma ashing equipment for the semiconductor industry. Metal-filled fluorosilicones provide electrical conductivity, too.

Fluorosilicone Seal Gaskets for Static and Dynamic Sealing

Blue FVMQ seal gasket was used only in static sealing applications. Thanks to their improved abrasion resistance, however, some FSR materials are now used in dynamic applications such as sliding shaft seals and rotating seals. Other types of oil-resistant rubbers are available, but FVMQ may be the right choice for your sealing application because of its fuel resistance, outstanding low-temperature flexibility, and low compression set.

Blue FVMQ Seal Gasket Data Sheet

FVMQ Compound Hardness Shore A Rubber Color Temp range oC Elongation at break % Tensil Strength Mpa
F200 70 Blue -60 to 215 200 5.6
F 201 75 Blue -60 to 214 160 5.5
F202 60 Blue -60 to 215 160 5.4
F203 40 Blue -60 to 215 350 7.2
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