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Nitrile Rubber Gasket

Kaxite is a professional leader China Nitrile Rubber Gasket manufacturers with high quality and reasonable price. Welcome to contact us. Contact us for standard and custom Neoprene Rubber Gasket Seal

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Product Description

What is Nitrile Rubber Gasket?

Kaxite is a professional leader China Nitrile Rubber Gasket manufacturers with high quality and reasonable price. Welcome to contact us.

Nitrile rubber gasket is an oil-resistant elastomer seal gasket, Buna-N nitrile rubber gasket resists water and many chemicals, It also has good physical properties and it is an excellent choice for use with hydraulic fluids, fats, silicone greases, oils, and petroleum-based fuels such as gasoline. Nitrile rubber gasket also has a good balance of desirable working properties like low compression set, high abrasion resistance and high tensile strength. The more nitrile there is within the polymer, the higher its resistance to oils but the lower its flexibility. Nitrile rubber is more resistant than natural rubber to oils and acids, and has superior strength, but suffers from inferior flexibility.

What is the Best Rubber Gasket For Gasoline?

Buna-N nitrile rubber gasket also known as NBR gasket seal, offers excellent sealing and mechanical properties at a low cost. Buna-N nitrile rubber gasket has resistance to common lubricants and are recommended for crude oil, gasoline, propane, petroleum oils and water. The best fuel resistant gasket material is Buna-N nitrile rubber gasket and it provides excellent gasket material for sealing applications that require resistance to gasoline, oil, fuels, as well as solvents, hydraulic fluids, and mineral and vegetable oils.

Die Cut Buna-N Nitrile Rubber Gaskets

All Seals converts Buna-N nitrile rubber gasket and water jet cut nitrile rubber gaskets in a wide variety of grades, thicknesses and hardness. The standard thickness of nitrile rubber ranges from 0.8mm to 6mm thick. Buna-N nitrile rubber gasket seal hardness (durometer) generally ranges from 30 to 90 durometer Shore A. Die cut nitrile rubber gaskets are black in color however our FDA (Food Grade) nitrile rubber gaskets are also offered in white.

All Gasket Seals Available Nitrile Grades

Commercial Grade Nitrile (Buna-N)
High Grade Premium Nitrile (Buna-N)
FDA White Nitrile (Buna-N)
Transformer Oil Nitrile (Buna-N)
Nitrile (Buna-N) Sponge

Molded Buna-N Nitrile Rubber Gaskets

Ningbo Kaxite specializes in the converting of molded nitrile rubber gaskets and seals. Our custom nitrile rubber molding capabilities include compression molding, transfer Molding, and Rubber Injection Molding. Molded Buna-N nitrile rubber gaskets hardness are available from 40 to 90 durometer, Shore A. Molded nitrile rubber gaskets are usually black in color, however custom color compounding is available. We also can custom HNBR rubber gasket seals, they are also universal molding compounds that are frequently used. Molded Buna-N nitrile rubber gasket tolerances are compliant with rubber molding industry standard RMA A2 Precision tolerances.

Buna-N Nitrile Rubber Gasket advantages

Nitrile rubber gasket has excellent abrasion resistance, good tear resistance, good non-polar solvent resistance, good water resistance, good oil resistance, good rebound and good non-polar solvent resistance. It is cheaper than Fluor elastomers and can be compounded for FDA applications.

Buna-N Nitrile Rubber Gasket Applications

Due to its versatility and strong resistances, Buna-N nitrile rubber gasket is used in applications involving not only oil, fuel, and chemical resistance, but also those that require resistance to heat, abrasion, water and gas permeability.

Nitrile Rubber Gaskets Data Sheet

NBR compound Hardness shore A Rubber Color Temp rang (°C) Tensile strength (mpa) Elongation at break (%)
N105 50 Black -30 to 120 5.5 280
N106 60 Black -30 to 120 7.5 230
N107 70 Black -35 to 120 7.5 190
N1075 75 Black -30 to 120 7.3 210

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