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Copper Cylinder Head Gaskets
  • Copper Cylinder Head GasketsCopper Cylinder Head Gaskets

Copper Cylinder Head Gaskets

Here you will know how to install the Copper Cylinder Head Gaskets and the advantages of the copper materials.

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Product Description

Style CU17 - Copper Cylinder Head Gaskets

Copper cylinder head gaskets are produced from dead soft solid copper that delivers exceptional stability as well as lowers cylinder bore deform. They usually are used with or without steel o rings. Intended for supercharged, turbocharged, nitrous oxide and severe pressure ratios. For top rated street, drag race and also oval track purposes.

Copper cylinder head gaskets have made it possible for many competition engines to set overall performance information. When teamed using stainless steel O rings regarding combustion holding chamber sealing, copper head gaskets have proven to seal where many others fail. On the other hand, the o rings call for particular machining of the block and also cylinder head for you to cater for the ring. What this means is switching over originating from a composite or multi layer steel head gasket to a copper head gasket is not a uncomplicated thing. Instead, the decision to take advantage of copper needs to be made once preparation the construct of the engine.

In contrast to many other multi layer steel head gaskets that might basically made available inside of a few bore sizes and two or three thicknesses, copper head gaskets can be produced into a specialized bore size and quite a few different thicknesses. For example, we can easily provide eight several thicknesses between 0.5 mm and also 2.3 mm on its import purposes.

China Copper Cylinder Head Gaskets

The Benefits of Using Copper Head Gaskets

1. Conductivity. Copper may be the standard whereby all of the other conductors are measured, as a result a copper gasket supplies exceptional thermal conductivity, operating to strengthen head and block temperature conditions which makes tuning simpler.

2. 25% coefficient of suppleness. One of the properties of copper is it stretches before a tragic breakdown, thereby offering an extra measure of basic safety in the case of severe detonation.

3. Strength. Copper possesses a tensile strength of approximately 32,000 psi, do a comparison of this to the 1200 to 1800 psi tensile of most facing materials used on standard effectiveness head gaskets.

How to Setup Copper Head Gaskets

1. Clean flat Copper cylinder head gasket surface types will be essential to seal any efficiency engine. A solvent just like brake cleanser should be used on the block and head in advance of assembly.

2. To seal around normal water as well as oils passages, we propose a great anaerobic sealer like Copper Coat. Usually encourage the sealant to tack up for 15 to 20 mins before set up.

3. O-rings are usually generally demanded to make a Copper cylinder head gasket program work to potential. O-ring cable kits are usually available for one V-8 engine, as well as in entire spools for engine builders. Steel O-ring wire is recommended over copper wire which could flatten as well as dent, and form leak paths.

4. O-ring grooves might be cut in both the block or cylinder head. If using copper head gaskets thinner than .050, O-ring height must be at most 25 per-cent of gasket thickness. For instance, the actual proper sizes for an .043 thickness gasket using .041 wire would be a .038 to .040 groove width and also a .032 groove degree. This kind of machining can be done at many high end equipment stores.

5. Whenever receiver grooves are usually necessary, alignment of O-ring and receiver groove is critical, along with the depth and width of the receiver groove. Receiver groove deepness should generally be 75 % of the O-ring protrusion, and the receiver groove really should be 1.5 times the wire width. Example: If the O-ring is .041 wide and .015 above the deck, receiver groove should be .012 deeply and .060 wide.

6. As the machining of O-ring and receiver grooves must be done by a machinist, the installing of the O-ring wire can be done by any one, using typical hands equipment. When tapping O-ring wire into the groove, use attention to avoid denting the wire. We can offer an O-ring setting up kit including instructions, an installment tool and O-ring wire. Once cutting stainless O-ring wire, file the ends square to provide the tightest probable seal.

7. Head gaskets must be re-torqued after very first run-in whatever style, solid copper or composition. we propose using manufacturing facility torque specs. Do not over torque. Let the heads and block to cool for reliable torque measurements. Often use a torque wrench and also have it adjusted normally. Premium-grade head bolts or studs, along with hardened washers, are encouraged.

8. Our copper gaskets could be used again 4 to 5 times just by cleaning in typical solvent. DO NOT take advantage of a torch or household oven to re-anneal copper gaskets. The annealing process needs particular vacuum ovens to achieve sufficient benefits.
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