Oxygen-Free Copper Gaskets
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Oxygen-Free Copper Gaskets

As the professional manufacturers, Kaxite would like to provide you high quality Oxygen-Free Copper Gaskets. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. The high conductivity, high purity and low volatility under high vacuum make oxygen free copper gaskets ideal for this use because it is not subject to outgassing.

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What Is Oxygen-Free Copper Gasket?

As the professional manufacturers, Kaxite would like to provide you high quality Oxygen-Free Copper Gaskets. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

Oxygen-free copper gaskets for CF flange is used for CF flange size of CF16 to CF250, especially will be the very first option for Vacuum fittings. As we all well-known, the usual seal for the CF flange product is an oxygen free electrical quality (OFE) and high conductance (OFHC) copper gasket that may be compressed between your knife-edges of two CF flanges to create a seal efficient at acquiring super high vacuum stresses. Copper gaskets have got a temperature array of –200°C up to 450°C. These kind of gaskets are usually precisely punched, chemically handled and packaged for you to eliminate and prevent surface area defects. Oxygen free copper gaskets offer one reputable seal per use. Use a new oxygen free copper gasket each time you use a CF sealing installation.

Oxygen Free Copper Gaskets for CF Flange

What exactly is Oxygen-Free Copper? The Grade and also Manufacturing Technique.

Almost all high conductivity coppers possess some oxygen resulting from the copper refining method but specific purposes call for copper using the maximum purity and also lowest oxygen quantities, this is called Oxygen-free High Conductivity Copper (OFHC).

There are 2 grades: Cu-OF, with 99.95% copper and the greater purity Cu-OFE (oxygen-free electrical) together with 99.99% copper with silver removed, as well as oxygen eliminated to 0.0005%. Cu-OFE is actually made from real copper cathode as well as poured within a shielding gas surroundings. There are about 1% greater electric powered conductivity than Cu-OF and also is used for large quality video as well as audio devices.

Copper mineral must be separated out of the spend rock formations through which these are embedded before manufacturing of 100 % pure copper can start. This can be a very outstanding engineering achievements to procedure rock with a few percentage copper to a stainless steel of 99.95% purity.

This is when the oxygen in air plays an important part.

The copper minerals are actually separated from the waste rock then crushed to a fine powder and melted with a furnace. Harmful particles are extracted by either incorporating using fluxes to form a slag which is eliminated, or by being oxidised to vapour by air (oxygen). In oxygen-free high conductivity copper, pretty much all traces of oxygen are actually extracted by either melting in a vacuum, getting an inert atmosphere or a reducing environment causing a very absolutely pure (99.95%) copper.

It is not possible to take off every trace of impurity, no copper is completely pure but OFHC only has a trace of oxygen. In practice the oxygen content is typically 0.001 to 0.003% together with a entire greatest impurity volume of 0.03%.

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SIZE for Oxygen Free Copper Gaskets for CF Flange

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