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Silver Plated OFHC Copper Gasket
  • Silver Plated OFHC Copper GasketSilver Plated OFHC Copper Gasket

Silver Plated OFHC Copper Gasket

Silver plated OFHC copper gasket used for CF16, CF25, CF35,CF50, CF63, CF80, CF100, CF150, CF200, CF250 CF flange in large stocks. Contact us if any need.

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Product Description

Style OFC11 - Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper Gasket

Silver plated OFHC copper gasket can be used for devices wanting frequent large temperature bakeouts. Un-plated Vacuum OFHC copper gaskets oxidise in the corrosive vacuum surroundings or when baked to a large temperature in vacuum, this will result in black deposit like soot to deposit around the Vacuum Copper Ring Gasket, to prevent this kind of vacuum OFHC copper gaskets are silver plated. They will perform the same as un-plated models. And we also can make gold plated Oxygen free copper OFHC gasket.

More Details About OFHC Copper Gasket

1. Question – Just what are Vacuum OFHC Copper Ring Gaskets?

Answer – Vacuum OFHC Copper Gaskets are copper rings utilized for creating a vacuum-tight connection between two Vacuum CF Flanges.

2. Question – How could be the vacuum-tight internet connection produced?

Answer – Vacuum CF Flanges have a very specific designed knife edge for sealing by using the copper ring gasket and also bolts to be able to pull the Vacuum CF Flanges jointly, the copper ring gasket is deformed to the specially designed knife edge in the Vacuum CF Flanges in order to create the vacuum seal. The link can be done only once, if the mating Vacuum CF Flanges are usually disconnected a brand new Vacuum Copper (Cu) Ring Gaskets should be used.

3. Question – What are the regular dimensions for the Vacuum Copper Ring Gaskets?

Answer – Copper Ring Gasket measurements are usually selected by their bore size matching the Vacuum CF Flange sizes. The typical designations are Cu. The sizes for these measurements of Vacuum Copper Ring Gaskets are to the Vacuum Industry Standard.

4. Question – What Material are generally Vacuum Copper Ring Gaskets created from?

Answer – Vacuum Copper Ring Gaskets are predominantly produce from Oxygen-free High Conductivity Copper (OFHC), the Vacuum Copper Ring Gaskets are actually available in hard, annealed and silver plated types.

5. Question – Exactly what are the unique models for Vacuum Copper Ring Gaskets

Answer – The various designs for Vacuum Copper (Cu) Ring Gaskets are actually Hard, Annealed as well as Silver Plated

Hard – 100 % pure copper is gentle as well as is usually shaped to suit the desired dimensions for Vacuum Copper (Cu) Ring Gaskets, the process brings about the copper to become what is known as hard and also is furnished in Vacuum Industry Regular styles.

Annealed – Vacuum Copper Ring Gaskets is usually provided in annealed condition, annealing is done by a high temperature treatment method that helps make the copper smooth. Annealed Vacuum Copper Ring Gasket are usually useful for sealing these elements as Vacuum Viewports, Vacuum Gauges and other very sensitive fragile vacuum components

Silver plated – The OFHC copper gasket is often silver plated, and also then is often employed for solutions wanting frequent high temperature bakeouts.

6. Question – What Temperature can Vacuum Copper Ring Gaskets be used up to?

Answer – Copper (Cu) Ring Gaskets could be used nearly a continued temp of 450°C

Gasket Sizes

Size for Gold or Silver plated OFHC copper gasket
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