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Octagonal Ring Type Joint Gasket
  • Octagonal Ring Type Joint GasketOctagonal Ring Type Joint Gasket

Octagonal Ring Type Joint Gasket

As the professional manufacturers, Kaxite would like to provide you high quality Octagonal Ring Type Joint Gasket. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. Here you can get more about octagonal ring joint gasket. The knowledge about how the octagonal ring joint gasket work, made and install. Also about its specification, dimension, advantages, pressure rating and application.

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Product Description

Octagonal Ring Type Joint Gasket - Style RTJ 301

Octagonal ring type gasket comes with an octagonal-shaped section by producing stainless steel elements, it is one kind of R model ring type joint gasket and the various other one is Oval ring type joint gasket. It is a pressure energized seal in radial direction. The average diameter of the gasket is definitely slightly greater than the average diameter of the gasket groove. The angle between ring gasket and bevel face of gasket groove is around 23°. Octagonal ring type gasket provides excellent sealing results whenever the contact between gasket and the ring joint faces, particularly the outside face, and is pressed tightly to have great sealing efficiency.

Style R gaskets are manufactured in accordance with both API 6A and ASME B16.20 to suit API 6B and ASME/ANSI B16.5 ring joint type flanges. And the hardness of octagonal ring type gasket should always be 15 to 20 HB less than the hardness of the flanges to avoid the ring type joint flange deformation.

How the Octagonal Ring Type Joint Gasket Works?

The Octagonal ring type gasket is positioned in the actual trapezoidal ring groove on the flange work surface. Whenever the joining bolts are usually tightened, they are really axially compressed and tightened together with the upper and lower trapezoidal grooves of your ring type joint flange, leading to plastic deformation, creating an annular sealing spot, and establishing an initial sealing. After the tension is certainly enhanced, the octagonal ring type gasket is radially widened under the action of the media stress, then the inclined surface area of the gasket and the trapezoidal groove is certainly tighter and makes self-tightening results. However, the increase in media pressure will likely deform the flange and the linking bolt, resulting in a relative divorce between the sealing surfaces, along with a relative reduction in the sealing rate of the gasket. Therefore, the octagonal ring type gasket can be considered to be a semi-self-tightening seal.

Ningbo Kaxite has more than 200,000 standard size ring type joint gaskets in stock and available for immediate shipment, these include all popular sizes of R, BX, RX style gaskets. Kaxite stocked gaskets include Low Carbon Steel, F5, ss 304, soft iron and ss 316 materials. The most popular type ring type joint gasket can be below 3 types.

Types of Ring Type Joint Gasket

The types of ring type joint gaskets are mainly R type octagonal and Oval section, BX style ring type joint gasket and RX style ring type joint gasket: SRX and SBX type Ring Type Joint Gasket.

R Type Ring Type Joint Gasket

API R type ring type Joint gaskets come in two fundamental types, an oval cross section (Style 302) and an octagonal cross section (Style 301). These types of essential styles are being used in pressures approximately 10,000 psi. The specifications tend to be standard and require specially grooved flanges. The octagonal ring type joint gasket with an octagonal cross section has a bigger sealing performance than the oval and would be the favored gasket. Nevertheless, just the oval ring type joint gasket could be used in the old type round bottom groove. The newer flat bottom groove design and style will agree to either the oval or the octagonal cross section. The sealing surface areas on the ring joint grooves should be smoothly complete to 63 micro inches and to be free of objectionable ridges, tool or chatter scars. They will seal by an initial line contact or a edging action since the compressive press are applied.

BX type Ring Type Joint Gasket

The BX ring type joint gasket is different from the typical oval or octagonal design since it is square in cross section and tapers in each spot. They can just be employed in API 6BX flanges. BX ring type joint gasket is used at pressures as much as 15,000 psi. Common sizes are generally stocked in low carbon steel, 304 and 316.

RX Type Ring Type Joint Gasket

RX ring type joint gaskets are usually related in appearance to the standard octagonal ring joint gasket but their cross section was created to benefit from the included fluid pressure in effecting a seal. They are generally both meant to API 6A and interchangeable with regular octagonal rings for oil field drilling and production applications in API 6B flanges. RX ring type joint gasket is used at pressures approximately 15,000 psi. Regular sizes are supplied in low carbon steel, 304 and 316.

RTJ SRX and SBX Ring Type Joint Gasket

SRX and SBX Ring type joint gasket are manufactured to API 17D and used for Subsea Wellhead and Tree Equipment. The “S” indicates the two types of ring type joint gaskets have cross-drilled holes to make sure that any liquid trapped behind the ring gasket on either side will flow to the ID bore. SRX ring type joint gaskets usually be designed in accordance with API 6BX or API 17D RTJ flanges under water

Octagonal Ring Type Joint Gasket Materials:

Octagonal Ring Type Joint Gasket Materials

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