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ePTFE Joint Sealant Tape
  • ePTFE Joint Sealant TapeePTFE Joint Sealant Tape

ePTFE Joint Sealant Tape

ePTFE Joint Sealant Tape is Especially suitable for sealing flange connections, pip systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, etc.

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Product Description

What is ePTFE Joint Sealant Tape?

ePTFE joint sealant tape is a very versatile gasket tape. These soft gasket tapes are highly compressible, allowing them to offer sealing along surfaces with even minor gaps and crevices.

Our ePTFE joint sealant tape come with a one-side adhesive backing and are available in all standard cross sections. Custom dimensions are also available on request. ePTFE joint sealant tape offers excellent chemical resistance, withstand high temperatures, and can provide sealing in pressures of up to 100 bar.

China ePTFE Joint Sealant Tape Supplier

Advantages and Benefits

ePTFE joint sealant tape has 60% compressibility with 14% recovery that make it have superior sealing even at minimum torque loads, it has one side adhesive so it is easy ti be installed and fixed. It has high chemical resistance, High endurance even in extremely corrosive environments.


ePTFE joint sealant tape is safely used in applications on oil rigs, petroleum refineries, offshore operations, corrosive chemical processing, food processing, paper mill, marine installation, in glass lined or fibre glass reinforced vessels and tank lid sealing, heat exchangers, manhole covers, vent pipes, pumps or compressors housing flanges, valves and many other industrial applications where the use of a conventional pre-cut gaskets is not suitable or readily available.

Differences between PTFE and expanded PTFE

You are probably wondering what the differences are between conventional PTFE and expanded PTFE.

Both materials share similar properties that are optimal for industrial applications. However, expanded PTFE has a superior versatility than PTFE and, consequently, it can be manufactured in different sizes, densities and thicknesses.

Key Features

Temperature: -200°C to +280°C (+315°C short term).
Max Pressure: 210 Bar.

Technical Data Sheet

Test Methods
Typical Value
Test Unit
Color - white -
Density ASTM D795 0.75 g/cm3
68 %
Recovery rate ASTM F36
10 %
Tensil Strength ASTM F152 21 mpa
Sealability ASTM F 37A 0.1 ml/hr
Creep Relaxation at 73°F
EN 13555
5 %
Working temperature - -260 to 260 °C
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