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Expanded PTFE Gaskets
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Expanded PTFE Gaskets

Kaxite is a leading China Expanded PTFE Gaskets manufacturers. Expanded PTFE also called ePTFE, us Ningbo Sunshine can offer high quality expanded PTFE gasket which confirm to FDA standard, and the thickness can be from 0.5mm to 10mm, we can make standard expanded ptfe gasket and custom size orders.

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Product Description

Expanded PTFE Gaskets - Kaxite 8600

Kaxite is a leading China Expanded PTFE Gaskets manufacturers. Expanded PTFE gaskets possess the chemical like strength of common PTFE sheet gasketing without having the creep and also cold flow often related to that material. Plus our Expanded PTFE gaskets are usually much stronger and much more dimensionally strong than other ePTFE gaskets. It really is highly conformable to harsh or irregular sealing surfaces, and compresses into a really tough gasket that creates a tight, long term seal.

Expanded PTFE gaskets we could produce are for both regular and custom gasketing sizes and shapes.

Typical Application of Expanded PTFE Gasket

Expanded PTFE gaskets are used for metal pipe as well as devices flanges necessitating typical or complex gasketing shapes and sizes, chemical processing, pulp and paper manufacturing, mining and minerals, semiconductor manufacturing, power generation.

China EPTFE Gasket Material

Why We Use Expanded PTFE Gaskets?

1 - Exceptionally Dependable Sealing Efficiency

Crush-resistance exams show expanded ptfe gasket does really well at withstanding the excessive situations of industrial flange sealing. It delivers a greater safe practices margin of seal consistency, both at installation along with in operations at increased temperature ranges.

Chemically inert expanded ptfe gasket seals durably, regardless of whether in formidable alkali, acid or solvent-based process systems. It resists all media (pH 0-14) with the exception of molten and dissolved alkali alloys as well as elemental fluorine.

2 - Increased Consistency, for Less Difficulties

The uniformity as well as precision of our producing procedures provide our expanded ptfe gasket a more consistent delivery of bulk than other ePTFE sheets. This specific encourages a bit more uniform and efficient seal.

Not like skived or filled PTFE gasket material, expanded ptfe gasket readily conforms to frequent flange defects. That can reduce the need for flange resurfacing, expand the window of applicability and create a highly reliable initial seal, so start-ups can be more trouble free.

The Famous Brand of Expanded PTFE Gasket Material

By the developing of the expanded PTFE, there are many types of expanded ptfe gasket materials made by many companies, there are some companies who can make excellent and famous brand of expanded PTFE materials

Chesterton 184 Expanded PTFE Sheet Gasket made by Chesterton
KWO® MultiTex® EPTFE Sheet by KWO Dichtungstechnik GmbH
DURLON® 9600 EXPANDED PTFE Made by Durlon company
Sigma® 800 EPTFE Gasket sheet made by Flexitallic USA
GORE GR Sheet made by W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc
KLINGER®soft-chem EPTFE Gasket made by Klinger
24 SH ePTFE Gasket Sheet made by Teadit USA

Expanded PTFE Gasket Constants and M, Y Value

Items 1.5mm Thickness 3mm Thickness Test Unit
M 2 2 -
Y 19.3 19.3 Mpa
Gb 8.3 9.65 Mpa
A 0.2 0.19 -
Gs 3.5 1.5 Mpa
Working temperature - -240 to 260 °C
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