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Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Gasket Tape
  • Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Gasket TapeExpanded PTFE Joint Sealant Gasket Tape

Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Gasket Tape

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Product Description

Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Gasket Tape - Kaxite 20

Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Gasket Tape is the very first form-in-place gasket, was in fact invented by Gore in excess of 40 years in the past. This is a proven sealing solution for stainless steel flanges with huge diameters, rectangular or unnatural designs, as well as tough or pitted surfaces. While compressed, this unique soft as well as conformable expanded PTFE joint sealant gasket tape forms a thin along with strong seal. Additionally, it may seal the programs where available bolt loads are minimal.

Expanded PTFE joint sealant gasket tape is a flange gasket material manufactured from 100% natural expanded PTFE material. It can be found in spooled kind and also it is a great gasket product for glass-lined and also plastic-type flanges, flanges with limited accessible space, as well as flanges where compressed thickness is very important. The expanded material conforms easily to rough as well as abnormal types of surface, calls for reduce bolt torques than the majority of gaskets, ends in an extremely tight seal, and also has an adhesive-backing for easy assembly.

Expanded PTFE Tape Advantages

• Soft and also compressible under reduced bolt loads. Good for use on glass-line, plastic, and FRP plastic flanges.
• Wider widths helpful for quantity cutting of gaskets and wide contact surface areas.
• Exceptional dimensional stableness and fantastic adaptability.
• Good sealing attributes even at low gasket stress.
• Exceptional adaptability to all types of surface
• Minimized cold-flow and creep behaviour
• Harmless for food-contact applications
• Outstanding residual stress properties
• Universal media resistance
• Easy to use and install
• Low diffusion leakage

Typical Industries and Equipment Application

Expanded PTFE joint sealant gasket tape is perfect for using in pulp and paper industry and industries such as chemical processing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and drink, offshore oil and gas, automotive, power, marine and mining. Also ideal for sealing typical equipment like glass joints, pipe flanges, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pump gaskets, gearbox lids, compressor flanges, manhole gaskets, fan housing, turbine cases, steam vessels, hydraulic systems, reactor lids, diesel engines and so on.

Physical Properties For EPTFE Gasket Tape

Test Methods
Typical Value
Test Unit
Color - white -
Density ASTM D795 0.75 g/cm3
68 %
Recovery rate ASTM F36
10 %
Tensil Strength ASTM F152 21 mpa
Sealability ASTM F 37A 0.1 ml/hr
Creep Relaxation at 73°F
EN 13555
5 %
Working temperature - -260 to 260 °C

Expanded PTFE Gasket Tape Sizes

Item Name Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
EPTFE Gasket Tape 3 1.5 5 m to 50 m per roll
EPTFE Gasket Tape 5 2
EPTFE Gasket Tape
7 2.5
EPTFE Gasket Tape 10 3
EPTFE Gasket Tape
14 5
EPTFE Gasket Tape 17 6
EPTFE Gasket Tape 20 7
EPTFE Gasket Tape
25 7
EPTFE Gasket Tape
30 5
EPTFE Gasket Tape 35 6

Note: Other thickness or length can be custom made.

Installation of Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Gasket Tape

Installation of Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Gasket Tape

1. Select the Right Size

Gasket Width

Regarding raised face and flat face flanges.
• Non-standard flanges: Assess the gasket width to make sure enough gasket stress.
• EN- or JIS-standard flanges: 30-50% of flange face width.
• ASME-standard flanges: 50-75% of flange face width.

For tongue and groove flange

• The entire width of the groove should be insured by the gasket.
• Ensure that the tongue is slightly higher than the groove height.

For divider bars in heat exchangers

• The gasket width should cover the entire divider bar width.

Awareness: Perform an engineering torque estimation to ensure a gasket stress above the following can be achieved:
• 3 mm (1/8"): 19 MPa
• 6 mm (1/4"): 23 MPa

Gasket Thickness

• Most applications need to have one layer of 3 mm (1/8") gasket adhesive tape.
• Conversely for flanges with deviations 1 mm (0.040"), the 6 mm (1/4") gasket tape is recommended.
• Should the flanges show irregularities of more than 2 mm (0,080"), a shimming with overlaps can be used. In such cases consult a Gore associate.

2. Installation

1. Clear the sealing surface, take away older sealing remains, and check for damages.

2. Following the sealing surface area is wiped clean and fatfree, location the expanded PTFE sealant tape in the middle of the sealing surface.

3. When using the sealant tape, progressively get rid of the adhesive protective tape. Make certain that the adhesive is not soiled or damaged during installing, this tends to have an impact on the positioning of the tape.

4. Location the end of the sealant tape around the starting bolt hole. Complete the installing by overlapping both ends of the sealing tape at the starting bolt hole, and cut away any too much material.

Expanded PTFE Gasket tape installation

3. Tighten the Nuts and Torque

(1). Lubricate all connecting and fastening elements (screws, nuts and washers).

EPTFE Gasket tape installation

(2). Install screws, nuts and washers on the flange.

Expanded PTFE Gasket Sealant Tape Torque

(3). The screws are initially hand tightened in a sequential circular pattern.

Expanded PTFE Gasket Sealant Tape Torques

(4). Tighten the screws crosswise in three phases by using a calibrated torque: A - 30% of target torque. B - 60% of target torque. C - 100% of target torque

Torques for Expanded PTFE Gasket Sealant Tape

(5). Tighten the screws crosswise with 100% of the torque and wait for 4 hours.

The torques for EPTFE Gasket tape

(6). For final installation retighten the screws crosswise until the required torque is reached.

Tighten the nuts for installing expanded ptfe tape
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